Red Mill Productions

Old Fashioned Entertainment for Modern Audiences

Red Mill shows are a celebration of the human form in all its variations. Our Multi-disciplinary performers combine Burlesque, Dance, Vaudeville, Tease, Comedy, Cabaret and Music into a high energy Variety show that’s fun for everyone. Our online event means you supply your own seat, but you'll only need the front - that's where you'll be glued. Regardless of your persuasion, orientation or occupation, if entertainment is your inclination - then Red Mill is your destination.

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Who We Are

Top notch variety for everyone

Our performers are passionate about the history of Burlesque and the connection between past and present. The no limits story telling where you can be anyone or anything; a Grecian Goddess, a gin guzzling flapper, a clown, a monkey, putting on killer make-up and fighting against ‘The Man’ - or being the man, there’s no end to what you can do as you take the tension and pressure of the everyday, and turn it into art. Burlesque is a place to express your sexuality, your femininity and masculinity, and to bare your emotions safely without conflict. Where else can you get covered in blood with your tits out and not get arrested? Whether there are thousands watching or just one person, there’s a connection in that vulnerability of seeing someone perform and flaunt everything they have to offer, skin and all. We use our favourite elements of performing: music, dance, comedy and the human body to show that all bodies are different and to be confident in your own skin. Plus who doesn’t love sparkly costumes and dancing?

Red Mill Productions

All of our performers have been working in the arts for years, with some performing for nearly 30. They come from a range of backgrounds including training in Ballet, Musical Theatre, Classical Music, Circus, SFX makeup, Hairdressing and many more. They have been creating Burlesque shows together for years, thrilling audiences in Ballarat, Daylesford, Camperdown, Werribee & Warracknabeal. We're only getting bigger and better, come and be part of the next step. Today Victoria, tomorrow the world!

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"If a thing is worth doing, It's worth doing slowly. Very slowly"

Gypsy Rose Lee

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