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Red Mill Revue!_Pat Pending_Chris Marsha

Young-Howze Theatre Journal

November 26, 2020

Burlesque gets a reputation for being raunchy and dirty and nothing but a bunch of strippers (I could go all day about how strippers deserve way more respect as artists but that’s hopefully another day). It really is this confident crazy that pulls back the curtain on what you really want to see, twists what you think is weird or wrong about the world. Moreover it takes all the weird and says “here I am world and remember if you don’t like it you paid to see it”. I’m so glad that they’re taking this art out of grandad’s attic and into the digital theatre world. You have two big queer fans in the states!

Red Mill Revue!_Lana Lunacy_Daniel Lamec

Weekend Notes

November 21, 2020

It's without doubt, what looks effortless has got a lot of hard work behind it, for performers and performances. The strength and agility displayed lets you know these are seasoned performers who know their bump and grind. There's old Hollywood glamour and fabulous frivolity, magical moments and some, simply wacky, but entertainingly performed.

Red Mill Revue!_Ejika Handsome__Chris Ma

Sam About Town

November 25, 2020

The screen burst into life with colour and energy from the first moment. “A celebration of the human form in all its variations” was the theme and it delivered. And then some.
Through a variety of burlesque, dance, vaudeville, comedy, cabaret and music, this show will have you glued to your seat (except when you feel the urge to jump up and dance in your loungeroom).