Jagaraj has been performing for over 20 years, singing and dancing all over Australia. Jagaraj has always said that he was born on stage. He has sung at the 2001 centenary of federation and in the Sydney opera house, and studied at both the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Ballarat Arts Academy. Over the last 7 years Jagaraj has been discovering the art of burlesque, performing in shows around Victoria. His inspiration comes from watching performers like Tim Curry, Reuben Kaye and Tim Minchin. He is excited to be sharing the art of burlesque, which highlights his feelings on the importance of body confidence, humour, sexual liberation, and above all – great entertainment. Jagaraj is a secret romantic who enjoys long walks on the beach, dirty limericks and pointing out spelling mistakes in peoples Tindr profiles. This is Jagaraj’s 7th year of burlesque, as such he hopes that one day he will be able to prepare for a show without his current 3 hours of hair/makeup/colonics, 2 bottles of champagne and monkey butler (without whom, none of the costume changes would be possible)

Minnie Mayhem


Minnie brings the mayhem with her mischievously magnetic and mesmerising manoeuvre's, With over 5 years of experience performing in Melbourne, Ballarat and in country Victoria, Minnie shows versatility with her ability to titillate with traditional tease, or dare you to delve into the depths of your deepest desires.


Lady Eleanora


Over the last 4 yeas Lady Eleanora has refined her vintage style with a flair for comedic in the Neo-burlesque. She has performed an assortment of private and festival shows including Ballarat Beat, Camperdown Rock around the clock and Frolic to name a few.
Lady Eleanora’s performances evoke influences from history, from Norse mythology, the pre-Raphaelite and neo-classical eras, and intoxicating starlets like Josephine Baker, Louise Brooks and Esther Willams. She entices audiences into her rhinestone covered time machine pulling them deep into her world.

Anna Phalaxis


Anna Phalaxis is new to the world of Burlesque but is quickly making her mark as a fierce performer. 
She has graced stages at festivals across Victoria alongside world class musicians, and performed for the Melbourne Fashion Festival not once but twice!
She is enticing, seductive and ever changing, creating acts intended to make you laugh, cry, or squirm in your seat. 


+61 457888817

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