Jagaraj has been performing for over 20 years, singing and dancing all over Australia. He has sung at the 2001 centenary of federation and in the Sydney opera house, and studied at both the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Ballarat Arts Academy. Jagaraj has been discovering the art of burlesque, performing in shows around Victoria in recent years. His inspiration comes from his idols Tim Curry, Reuben Kaye and Tim Minchin. He is excited to be sharing the art of burlesque, which highlights his feelings on the importance of body confidence, humour, sexual liberation, and above all – great entertainment.

Minnie Mayhem


Minnie brings the mayhem with her mischievously magnetic and mesmerising manoeuvre's, With over 7 years of experience performing in Melbourne, Ballarat and in country Victoria, Minnie shows versatility with her ability to titillate with traditional tease, or dare you to delve into the depths of your deepest desires.


Lady Eleanora


Emerging onto the burlesque scene 4 years ago, Lady Elanora delights and disturbs crowds with her flair for starlet vintage style and her capacity for delving into the despairing pits of darkness. Lady Elanora has performed at an assortment of private and festival shows around Melbourne and country Victoria, including Rock Ballarat, Camperdown Rock around the clock and the Frolic Festival to name a few.

Lady Elanora entices audiences into her rhinestone covered time machine pulling them deep into her intoxicating world. She can take you anywhere from the dark days of Nordic Mythology to the dizzying 1920’s and the time of crazy booze guzzling flappers at the pull of a sparkling lever. Lady Elanora is both the angel and devil on your shoulder, and only she can choose which one you deserve.

Anna Phalaxis


Anna Phalaxis is the love child of 2 Marilyns, Monroe and Manson. 
She shows this in her ever changing acts created to make you laugh, cry or squirm in your seat. 
She has seduced men, women, and non binary folk on festival stages across Victoria, alongside world class musicians and DJ’s,
performed for the Melbourne Fashion Festival, and modelled for award winning designers. 

She will leave you in shock, 
The seductive, electric, enticing,
Anna Phalaxis.

Lana Lunacy - 29-03-19 (22) Print Res.jp

Lana Lunacy


Lana Lunacy has performed as great characters inspired by legend, captivating audiences with her flare for the dramatic and her maniac performances that stun the crowds.
Hot off the heels of 2019, Lana claimed the titles of Burlesque Idol Melbourne 2019 and won first ever runner up of Burlesque Idol Australia 2019. Burlesque has given Lana many other opportunities to be a part of Oz comic con panels in 2019, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019, Podcasts for Ballarat National Theatre, radio voice work and many wonderful productions across Victoria in 2019, Lana is not only performs but is also produced the 'Gold Dust Grande Burlesque Extravaganza' as part of the Rock Ballarat Rockabilly Festival 2020 founding team.

Abbie Normal


New to the burlesque stage, she got her thrill for the dark by leading quivering strangers through ghostly halls, Abbie Normal enjoys long walks in cemeteries, leading a goblin uprising and the odd bit of time travel. A literal shape-shifting, gender-fluid chameleon her bloody antics will immerse you in a cocktail of thrills, fear and arousal

Red Mill Revue!_Vivian Fonteyn_Chris Mar

Vivian Fonteyn


Making his Melbourne Fringe debut is internationally renowned train-wreck & professional procrastinator: Vivian Fonteyn. A consummate performer who's dulcet tones, tapping feet & musical wizardry have left audiences everywhere mildly impressed. Described by the Bendigo Advertiser as 'very ok', Vivian brings old Hollywood glamour and fabulous frivolity to the stage with fun re-imaginings of old & new favourites.

Ejika Handsome


Born and raised in the deep dark forest of northern Sweden, Erika found herself with an opportunity that eventually would lead her to Copenhagen Denmark to study at AMOC - Academy of Modern Circus (It works in Danish, honest!) where she graduated with a Bachelor in Circus Arts in 2018. 3 days later she jumped on a flight to warm sunny shores of... Ballarat, Victoria.

After being trained as a pairacrobat flyer aka human ragdoll for the majority of her years studying circus, Erika picked up several other skillsets such as aerials, hula hoop and handstand acrobatics, due to the lack of strapping Aussie men who could throw her around. Rather than waiting for her Circus Prince Charming, Erika has decided to jump in headfirst, literally, to perform solo skills with Red Mill


Pet Pending


New to the Burlesque scene, Pat Pending loves all things weird, wacky and wonderful. His love of circus and comedy sprouted at a young age when his parents lied to him about being clowns in a travelling circus (what bastards). His acts reflect anything that inspires him whether it be singing, juggling or his stupid sense of humour.